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Help Clients Plan for Post-Busy Season Now

Implementing the new lease standard doesn't have to be difficult! This roadmap will help you guide your clients through the process.

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The 2021 audit season is probably the craziest busy season your CPA firm has ever seen.

Between clients and your team working remotely or enforcing additional workplace safety measures, prioritizing PPP loans, and the general uncertainty we’re still dealing with almost a year into the pandemic, CPAs have a lot to think about this year. Don't forget about the other priorities like managing audit fee pressure, additional cybersecurity, and new tax regulations.

One more thing: the implementation date for ASC 842 for your non-public clients is fiscal years starting after December 15, 2021, a looming deadline for which you’ll need to help them prepare.

It’s understandably difficult to focus on the new lease standard with busy season here. However, a little prep work today can make all the difference in the future.

Download this simple complimentary lease standard implementation roadmap that helps clients plan their post-busy season activities now, saving hours of work for both of you later.